[Haskell] Embedded Systems

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Thu Mar 10 06:33:30 EST 2005

>    Hallo all,
>    I m wondering if there is any port of Haskell to Embedded
>    systems. Any hint welcomed
>    Ore the question in other form what is the smallest devices
>    for a running Haskell system and is possible to

nhc has been used for a number of embedded projects. I've seen it run on
a credit-card sized ARM device. Tony Sloane and others at Macquarie are
working on an embedded nhc project too. There are probably others. There
was a thread on haskell-cafe about running nhc on the palm recently,
starting here:

Another area is covered by hOp and HOUSE, the Haskell OS projects, that
run GHC's RTS on bare metal, though probably not on tiny devices.

Btw, you can run GHC on a machine with 12M ram, but you badly need your
swap and it isn't pretty :)

-- Don

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