[Haskell] Hierarchical module namespace extension not sufficiently flexible

Gour haskell_list at atmarama.org
Sat Mar 5 12:40:34 EST 2005

Duncan Coutts (duncan.coutts at worc.ox.ac.uk) wrote:

> Or as an alternative to exporting qualified names as I proposed before
> (ie Graphics.UI.Gtk exports the qualified name "Button.label") how about
> this:
> import qualified Graphics.UI.Gtk.*
> which just means import every module under Graphics.UI.Gtk qualified
> with it's module name so that then you could reference:
> Button.label
> A downside to such a scheme is that it might make it too easy to import
> internal modules or modules that are not supposed to be used together.

But does this option not contradict the argument against the 1st one,
i.e. that one should know the internal structure, i.e. hierarchy of the
lib in order to know what he is doing by importing everything?


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