[Haskell] Proposal: Allow "\=" for field update in record update syntax

Keean Schupke k.schupke at imperial.ac.uk
Sat Mar 5 09:20:26 EST 2005

Well it does have some validity, but I am not sure its from category 

A type is a set of values (constructors):

data Type = Constr1 | Constr2 | Constr3

likewise a class is a set of types (IE we lift one level)

class Class
instance Class Type1
instance Class Type2
instance Class Type3

So types are to classes as values are to types... this makes classes
roughly equivalent to type-families.

We can extend this indefinitely as long as we observe the 
russell-paradox (that is
a set can only refer to values at a lower level...). So we could have a 
set of classes (which I am not aware of a name for...)

Of course this makes the naming etc. used in Haskell look very ad-hoc, 
wouldn't it be nice if you could freely mix constructs from different 
levels, so for example you could have a function that takes a class and 
a value and returns a type...


Robert Dockins wrote:

>On Sat, 2005-03-05 at 00:25 +0100, Benjamin Franksen wrote:
>>OK, I can see now that this makes sense syntactically. Still, it is
>>that the class name is handled as if it were a type constructor.
>Yes.  It makes a weird sort of sense if you pretend type classes are
>actually type constructors and instance declarations are inhabited by
>types in a new "type class kind".  Say we use the symbol 'C' for the
>kind of type class types.  Then the usual single parameter type class
>constructors would have kind (* -> C) and multiparameter classes just
>have more arrows, al la (* -> * -> C) for 2 parameters.
>I can't decide if I like this idea or not.  Does it have any validity in
>the associated type or category theories?
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