[Haskell] line-based interactive program

Adrian Hey ahey at iee.org
Mon Jul 11 09:24:10 EDT 2005

On Friday 08 Jul 2005 6:21 pm, Olaf Chitil wrote:
> If this were not a
> primitive in the IO monad, how would you define it in Haskell without
> some nasty hacks (a top-level IORef springs to my mind)?

Do you mean using a top-level IORef is a nasty hack, or you refering
to the nasty hack we have to use to create one?

If it's the former then please explain why this is a nasty hack. 
(and thanks for not using the term "global variable" BTW :-)

If you care to answer, you might like to look at this wiki page first..

Sorry to burden you with this, but I've decided to make it my mission in
life to challenge such assertions (well at least whenever one of my other
missions in life doesn't distract me).

Adrian Hey

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