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    Call for Papers of AgentLink-3 supported


        Utrecht, the Netherlands
            July 25-29 2005

Submission open now -- Deadline: 28 February 2005


The International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent
Systems (AAMAS) is the leading international conference in the theory
and practice of software agents. The conference attracts delegates from
many different backgrounds; from those developing agent-based software
products and services to those working in the theoretical foundations of
the discipline.
The AAMAS-05 conference will be held in July 2005 in Utrecht, the
Netherlands, and will, for the first time, feature a track specifically
intended for industrial participants: the AAMAS Industry Track. The 
industry track is being organised in cooperation with AgentLink,
Europe's IST-funded coordination activity for autonomous agents and
multi-agent systems (see http://www.agentlink.org/).


The AAMAS industry track is a special track at the AAMAS conference that
will run in parallel to the regular AAMAS scientific track. It will
feature presentations and demonstrations from industrial participants,
giving them an opportunity to showcase the state of the art in
technology and industrial application of autonomous agents and
multi-agent systems to AAMAS delegates and to publish associated papers 
in a high quality, formal proceedings. The industry track aims to foster 
mutually beneficial links between those engaged in foundational 
scientific research and those working to make autonomous agents and 
multi-agent systems a commercial reality. This enables 
industrially-based software agent developers and practitioners to
participate in AAMAS in a meaningful way and to present their technology 
and applications to both their peers and the associated scientific 


Whereas in the regular conference track the overriding refereeing 
criterion is clearly scientific excellence, the industry track focuses 
primarily on the industrial relevance and technological significance of 
the contribution. Preference will be given to mature work demonstrating 
concrete industrial/commercial results and business value.

Examples of an "ideal" paper might include: (i) a presentation of a
particular kind of commercially available software agent technology,
together with experience of how this was applied in a field-tested 
system; or (ii) a report on a field-tested agent-based system.

We explicitly discourage the submission of purely speculative papers,
proposals, and plans for future work/potential applications.  Academic
participation in the industry track is acceptable, but please note that 
we strongly discourage the submission of: (i) papers that merely appeal 
to potential applications, without demonstrating that they have been
meaningfully applied; (ii) academic papers that work with highly 
abstracted versions of potential applications; or (iii) academic papers 
that describe software agent systems/platforms without either a real
industrial link or genuine application.

In general, if you believe that your paper makes a scientific 
contribution, you should think about submitting to the regular 
scientific track; whereas, if your paper is an overview of an agent 
technology, a "practical experience" paper, or similar, then you should 
probably submit to the industry track.


The industry track invites developers, practitioners, and industrial
researchers to submit high quality papers on agent technology and its
applications. See the conference web site for paper formatting and
submission instructions.

Accepted contributions will be formally published in the "Proceedings of 
the Industry Track of AAMAS-05" and will be distributed at the 
conference along with the AAMAS-05 main conference proceedings. Selected 
publications will be encouraged to present their applications in the 
AgentLink newsletter. The contributions will influence the AgentLink 
Roadmap to be published in 2005.

Note that the Industry Track is part of the AAMAS conference - there is 
no separate registration for the Industry Track.


Deadline for Submission of Contributions - 28 February 2005
Notification of acceptance - 28 March 2005


Michal Pechoucek -- Czech Technical University, AgentLink
Donald Steiner -- Quantum Leap Innovations
Simon Thompson -- British Telecom

Programme Committee:

David Allsopp -- Qinetic
Fabio Bellifemine -- Telecom Italia  Laboratories
Jeff Bradshaw -- IHMC
Sven Brueckner -- Altarum
Monique Calisti -- Whitestein Technologies
Jonathan Dale -- Futjitsu
Ian Dickenson -- HP
Mark Greaves -- DARPA  Jon
Himoff -- CEO Magenta
Martin Hofmann -- Lockheed Martin
David Kinny -- Agentis
James Lawton -- AFRL
Vladimir Marik -- Rockwell Research Center
David Martin -- SRI
Peter McBurney -- AgentLink
Narendra Nanjangud -- IBM
Jim Odell -- Agentis
Ravi Prakash Gorthi -- Infosys Technologies
Christ Priest -- HP
Chris Reed -- Calico Jack, Dundee University
Ralph Ronnquist -- AOS Australia
Jeff Rosenschein -- Hebrew Uni
David Sadek -- France Telecom
Onn Shehory -- IBM Israel
John Shepherdson -- BT
Petr Skobelev -- CTO
Magenta  Niranjan Suri -- IHMC
Simon Thompson -- British Telecom

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