[Haskell] Implicit parallel functional programming

Keean Schupke k.schupke at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Jan 19 08:44:22 EST 2005

I have to say I disagree... I feel Haskell is highly suited to implicit 
parallel execution... The key to "implicit" parallelisation is that it 
is implicit - not explicit, so the programmer should feel like they are 
programming a sequential language. If we can assume little memory access 
penalties for threads running on other CPUs (shared cache model), it 
seems to be a matter of putting locks on the right structures, and 
allowing any worker-thread to take the next function ready to run from 
the scheduler.


Clemens Grelck wrote:

> Satnam Singh wrote:
>> I'm trying to find out about existing work on implicit parallel 
>> functional programming. I see that the Glasgow Haskell compiler has a 
>> parallel mode which can be used with PVM and there is interesting 
>> work with pH at MIT. Does anyone know of any other work on implicitly 
>> parallelizing functional programs for fine grain parallel execution?
>> The emergence of multi-core processors makes me think that we should 
>> look at implicit parallel functional programming in a new light.
> This is perhaps not the kind of language you are looking for,
> but SAC (Single Assignment C) is a functional array language,
> which supports among others truly implicit parallelization.
> See http://wwww.sac-home.org/ for more information.
>   Clemens

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