[Haskell] PhD Position in Technical University of Valencia (Spain)

Santiago Escobar sescobar at dsic.upv.es
Tue Jan 18 07:44:34 EST 2005

Please, pass on to interested students. Apologies for multiple copies.
PhD Position (DEADLINE 4 February 2004! See "How to apply" below.)

   Departamento de Sistemas Informaticos y Computacion
   Technical University of Valencia

The group ELP "Automated Software Engineering, Logic Programming and
Programming Languages" of the Technical University of Valencia (UPV)
has  an  open  position for a PhD student  for 2 years (which can be
extended to 4 years) funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and
Scientific Research, to work in the project:

         "SELF: Software Engineering and Lightweight Formalisms"
         Project coordinator: Maria Alpuente

The goal of the project is to investigate on analysis,  specification,
verification, debugging, testing, learning, certification,
transformation & optimization techniques for (multiparadigm) programs.

The candidate must have an adequate theoretical background in computer
science with some knowledge of mathematical logic.  Knowledge of logic
programming or functional/equational programming is not required but
will be an asset.

Salary for a first year PhD student is around 1100 Euros/month with an
incremental raise for each subsequent year.
Besides the salary, health insurance is provided.

How to apply

First, register your intention to apply immediately using the electronic
application form on the WWW via

The full application should contain:

1 A signed, printed copy of the Web application form, where
    the project SELF must be explicitly choosed (from the projects list)

2 A passport photocopy

3 Attested copies of degrees and other certificates, including the
    complete list of courses, grades,  and dates. An explanation of the
    corresponding evaluation system (min and max. qualification to pass)
    is also required

4 A certification, granted by an spanish university, that the
    undergraduate degree is valid for admission in its PhD programme.
    This can be obtained from UPV if document 3 above is timely provided.

5. Curriculum Vitae

For further information on how to apply please consult our website:


Send your application (paper mail), to arrive BEFORE

    ***** February 4th, 2004 ****


Salvador Lucas (slucas at dsic.upv.es)
Departamento de Sistemas Informaticos y Computacion
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Camino de Vera s/n
E-46022 Valencia (Spain)
Phone +34 96 387 7007 (ext. 73531)

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