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                  CALL FOR PAPERS

SBLP 2005 - 9th Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages

       Departamento de Sistemas Computacionais
           Universidade de Pernambuco
        Recife, PE, Brazil - May 23-25, 2005

Selected papers from the proceedings will appear in a Special Issue of 
the Journal of Universal Computer Science - JUCS. Only accepted 
contributions written in English are eligible to be published in the JUCS.
(www.jucs.org <http://www.jucs.org>)


The Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages (SBLP), sponsored by 
the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), is a forum where researchers, 
educators, and practitioners can present and discuss the fundamental 
principles and innovations in the design, analysis and implementation of 
programming languages and systems.

We invite authors to contribute to SBLP 2005 with the following kinds of 

 * Technical research papers introducing original research results on
   topics such as (but not limited to): programming language design
   and implementation, formal semantics of programming languages,
   domain-specific programming languages, programming languages for
   mobile, WWW, and network computing, script languages, new
   programming models, theoretical foundations of programming
   languages and teaching programming languages.
 * Tutorial proposals on subjects related to programming languages,
   APIs, tools, environments or theories, at graduate level.

Important Dates

 * Deadline for submissions: February 28th, 2005
 * Notification of acceptance: March 31th, 2005
 * Camera-ready version: April 11th, 2005

Submission Guidelines

Contributions can be written in Portuguese or English. Papers should 
have at most 14 pages. All accepted papers will be published in the 
conference proceedings. Tutorial submissions may be in the form of a 
proposal. The final version of a selected tutorial should contain at 
most 30 pages and will be published in separate proceedings. Talks must 
be in the language of submission.

Please check the symposium web site 
(http://www.upe.poli.br/dsc/sblp2005) for more information about 
submissions guidelines and procedures.

Program Committee

 * Adriana Compagnoni, Stevens Institute of Technology (USA)
 * Alberto Pardo, Univ. de La Republica (Uruguay)
 * Alex Garcia, IME (Brazil)
 * Alfio Martini (PUC-RS)
 * Andre Santos, UFPE (Brazil)
 * Barrett Bryant, Univ. of Alabama (USA)
 * Carlos Camarao, UFMG (Brazil)
 * Cecilia Rubira, Unicamp (Brazil)
 * Christiano Braga, UFF (Brazil)
 * David Naumann, Stevens Tech (USA)
 * Edil Fernandes, UFRJ (Brazil)
 * Edward Hermann Haeusler, PUC-Rio (Brazil)
 * Francisco Heron de Carvalho Jr., UPE (Brazil)
 * Gabriel Baum, Univ. Nacional de La Plata (Argentina)
 * Guy Cousineau, Univ. Paris 7 (France)
 * Hermano Moura, UFPE (Brazil)
 * Isabel Cafezeiro, UFF (Brazil)
 * Johan Jeuring, Utrecht Univ. (Netherlands)
 * John Hughes, Chalmers Univ. of Technology (Sweden)
 * Jose Guimaraes, UFSCAR (Brazil)
 * Jose Labra, Univ. of Oviedo (Spain)
 * Jose Luiz Fiadeiro, Univ. of Leicester (England)
 * Lucília Figueiredo, UFOP (Brazil)
 * Luiz Carlos Menezes, UFPE, (Brasil)
 * Luis Soares Barbosa, Universidade do Minho (Portugal)
 * Marco Tulio Valente, PUC-MG (Brazil)
 * Mariza Bigonha, UFMG (Brazil)
 * Martin Musicante, UFPR (Brazil) - *Chair*
 * Nick Benton, Microsoft Research (England)
 * Noemi Rodriguez, PUC-Rio (Brazil)
 * Paulo Blauth Menezes, UFRGS (Brazil)
 * Paulo Borba, UFPE (Brazil)
 * Peter Mosses, University of Wales Swansea (UK)
 * Peter Thiemann, Univ. Freiburg (Germany)
 * Rafael Dueire Lins, UFPE (Brazil)
 * Renato Cerqueira, PUC-Rio (Brazil)
 * Ricardo Massa Lima, UPE (Brazil)
 * Roberto Bigonha, UFMG (Brazil)
 * Roberto Ierusalimschy, PUC-Rio (Brazil)
 * Sergiu Dascalu, Univ. of Nevada, Reno (USA)
 * Simon Thompson, Univ. of Kent (England)
 * Uday Reddy, Univ. of Birmingham (England)

Organizing Committee

 * Adriano Lorena Inácio de Oliveira, UPE
 * André Luís de Medeiros Santos, UFPE
 * Carlos Alexandre Mello, UPE
 * Francisco Heron de Carvalho Jr., UPE
 * Fernando Buarque de Lima Neto, UPE
 * Márcio Lopes Cornélio, UPE
 * Maria Lencastre, UPE
 * Ricardo Massa, UPE - *Chair* (ricardo at upe.poli.br)

Symposium Location

"Recife is one of the biggest cities in brazilian's northeast and it is 
one of the most important cities of Brazil. It is very important for the 
country history and it has many touristic attractions. The commercial 
center of Recife has a preserved architecture of the last century 
contrasting with modern buildings. All of this makes Recife one of the 
most attractive cities of Brazil"

More Information

For further information, visit the symposium web site at
http://www.upe.poli.br/dsc/sblp2005/ or send e-mail to ricardo at upe.poli.br.

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