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> BTW, I already see some problems with this syntax. For example, this code
>   case t of
>       (x, y, (a, ctx @> Just z)) -> ctx z
> wouldn't be equivalent to this one
>   case t of
>       (x, y, v) ->
>           case v of
>               ctx @> (a, Just z) -> ctx z

I think it would work better if the context was always bound to the whole
pattern, using '_' patterns to define which parts of the pattern would be
copied and naming only the parts which are going to be changed:

   case t of
       ctx @> (_, _, v) ->
           case v of
               (a, Just z) -> ctx (a, z)


   case t of
       ctx @> (_, _, (_, Just z)) -> ctx z

This don't have the ambiguity and the need to keep track wether the context
is declared inside a pattern match or not. Also it could be used to more
complex changes:

   case t of
       ctx @> (x, _, _, _, _, c) -> ctx (x+1) (c+2)

> I would love to hear you opinions. Maybe you can think of some really
> convincing (or unconvincing) code examples?
> Best regards,
> Tomasz

Best regards,
Daniel Yokomizo.

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