[Haskell] Internships and Post-doctoral Positions at MSR Cambridge

Don Syme dsyme at microsoft.com
Sun Jan 2 16:08:53 EST 2005

Dear Haskell-list

On behalf of Microsoft Research, Cambridge, I would like to announce
that applications for intern positions at our lab for 2005 are now being
accepted.  Our lab has a number of groups, but of particular interest
may be the Programming Principles and Tools group
(http://research.microsoft.com/ppt/).  This group is keenly interested
in functional programming, language theory, runtime systems and type
systems amongst other things and includes famous Haskellers such as
Simon Peyton-Jones and Simon Marlow.  Specific interests of other
researchers are detailed on their home pages, and in general you should
consider discussing potential projects with a specific researcher soon
after applying.

Cambridge is a great place to work, and internships normally last 12
weeks and most commonly occur over the summer. Applicants should be
graduate students on PhD programs.

For summer 2005 Internships, the deadline for complete applications is
28th February 2005, and references have to be received by this date. The
admission process is quite competitive, and we encourage applications in
good time before the deadline. We aim to notify candidates of the
outcome of their applications by the end of April 2005. 

Full details and application forms can be found at the following link:

In addition, we are always open to applications for a smaller number of
longer-term post-doctoral positions.  Full details can be found at

Don Syme
MSR Cambridge


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