[Haskell] Encode module library

Otakar Smrz smrz at ldc.upenn.edu
Sun Feb 27 11:45:14 EST 2005

I might be wrong, but it seems there is no module library in Haskell that 
would provide a unified interface for converting strings from one encoding 
into another, be it Unicode Transformation Formats, the numerous 8-bit 
encodings, or some user-defined transliterations or transcriptions.

Inspired by the Encode module in Perl, I have sketched an architecture of 
such an interface for Haskell. Let me give links to the 
proto-implementation and its documentation:


There, I further discuss and illustrate how extending the library with new 
encodings would be done, and what the common data representation type 
might be.

I would be happy for your comments and suggestions.

Thank you,

Otakar Smrz

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