[Haskell] [ANNOUNCE] Non-ASCII Charset Support patch for Text.Regex

shelarcy shelarcy at capella.freemail.ne.jp
Sat Feb 19 09:54:14 EST 2005


Sakai Masahiro made a patch for GHC Text.Regex.
Because Text.Regex doesn't support Non-ASII Charset well.
He uses Onigurma what Regex C Library support Non-ASCII Charset well
and GNU Regex Library replacement (this is usesd under Ruby version
higher 1.9.X), replace for current Text.Regex's C library.

Here is patch

and here is Onigurma's WebSite.

If you add this patch for GHC-6.2.2 sourcecode , autoconf,
and ./configure with --enable-oniguruma option, then
you can use Text.Regex with Oniguruma.

shelarcy <shelarcy capella.freemail.ne.jp>

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