[Haskell] Installation with yum.

Tom Moertel tom at moertel.com
Wed Feb 16 13:52:37 EST 2005

Manoj Kummini wrote:
> root at blandings ~# yum install haskell-stable

The problem is that "haskell-stable" is the name of a repository and not 
a package.  Yum manages packages.  (Repositories are where yum gets the 
packages, but for the most part you can ignore the repositories once 
your yum.conf file is suitably configured.)

As an example, to install GHC, the GHC profiling libraries, and the GHC 
docs, you could use the following command:

     yum install ghc ghc-prof ghc-docs

To see what packages are available, use this command:

     yum list '*' | grep haskell-stable


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