[Haskell] space behaviour of lazy recursive lists

Colin Runciman colin at cs.york.ac.uk
Thu Feb 3 12:17:24 EST 2005


>However, they do not directly solve my problem in the bigger program which
>still has the same linearly growing memory requirement. The problem seems to be
>very, very hard to find. I suspect it is related to lazyness as in the gibs
>example, but I just cannot put my finger on the code that needs to be
>changed. Is there any good method to track down this kind of problem? (I
>tried all the ghc memory profiling techniques, that seemed promising to
If your program is in Haskell 98, not using any of the Glasgow 
extensions, you could also try compiling it for memory profiling under 
nhc.  The nhc heap profiler has some options not available in ghc.  Most 
but not all space problems due to laziness have similar effects across 
different implementations.

Colin R

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