[Haskell] ANN: MissingH 0.13.0

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Mon Dec 26 16:57:17 EST 2005

I am pleased to announce the release of MissingH 0.13.0.

To download MissingH or view API docs, please visit:




To follow MissingH development with Darcs, please run:

  darcs get --partial http://darcs.complete.org/missingh

0.13.0 packages have been uploaded to Debian and should appear in sid
within a few days.

Changes in 0.13.0 since 0.12.3:

  * This release introduces some API changes that will affect 
    a small percentage of programmers that use ConfigParser.

  * This release requires GHC 6.4.x or Hugs 2005xx or above.
    This has been noted in INSTALL.

  * MissingH.List: Committed some patches from Bulat Ziganshin
    to improve performance.

  * New function MissingH.List.subIndex based on suggestion
    from Bulat Ziganshin.  Also added tests for it.

  * New module MissingH.Map, similar to MissingH.FiniteMap but for
    Data.Map instead of Data.FiniteMap.  Also added tests for

  * New module MissingH.AnyDBM.MapDBM, plus tests for it.
    Converted from MissingH.AnyDBM.FiniteMapDBM.

  * Converted these modules to use MVars instead of IORefs:
    + MissingH.Logging.Logger

  * Converted these modules to use Data.Map instead of Data.FiniteMap:
    + MissingH.Logging.Logger
    + MissingH.MIMETypes
    + MissingH.ConfigParser (exposes an API change to a few people)

  * Converted these modules to use Text.Printf instead of MissingH.Printf:
    + MissingH.IO.HVFS.Utils
    + MissingH.Network.FTP.Server

  * Added deprecation warnings to these modules:
    + MissingH.FiniteMap (deprecation of Data.FiniteMap)
    + MissingH.AnyDBM.FiniteMapDBM (deprecation of Data.FiniteMap)
    + MissingH.Printf (introduction of Text.Printf)

  * Added deprecation warnings for two specific functions in
    MissingH.Str: subRe and splitRe.  I had submitted the code for
    these to fptools, and the current releases of GHC and Hugs have
    Text.Regex.subRegex and splitRegex using the code for MissingH.
    Therefore, these functions in MissingH are deprecated in favor of
    the implementations in the standard library.

  * Added locking to StringDBM for thread safety improvements

  * Merry Christmas!

Changes in 0.12.3 since 0.12.2:

  * Make StreamHandler now lock by default.
    (requested by Conjure people)

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