[Haskell] Problem with constructing instances for a class Pair

Bulat Ziganshin bulatz at HotPOP.com
Fri Dec 23 18:01:40 EST 2005

Hello Frank,

Saturday, December 24, 2005, 12:02:28 AM, you wrote:

F> class P a where
F>     outl :: a b c -> b
F>     outr :: a b c -> c
F>     make :: b -> c -> a b c

reusing my answer to David Roundy :)))

are you seen in Hugs manual chapter about multi-parameter type
classes? they use the following

   class Collects e ce | ce -> e where
      empty  :: ce
      insert :: e -> ce -> ce
      member :: e -> ce -> Bool

   instance Eq e => Collects e [e] where ...
   instance Eq e => Collects e (e -> Bool) where ...
   instance Collects Char BitSet where ...
   instance (Hashable e, Collects a ce)
              => Collects e (Array Int ce) where ...

may be you can solve your problem by using

{-# OPTIONS_GHC -fglasgow-exts #-}

class P b c abc | abc -> b, abc -> b where
    outl :: abc -> b
    outr :: abc -> c
    make :: b -> c -> abc

instance P b c (P1 b c) where
    outl (P1 p q) = p
    outr (P1 p q) = q
    make = P1

instance P b c (P2 b c) where
    outl = fst
    outr = snd
    make = (,)

data P1 p q = P1 p q    deriving (Show, Eq, Ord)
type P2 = (,)

instance (P b c abc) => P [b] [c] [abc] where
    outl = undefined
    outr = undefined
    make = zipWith make

although it is a bit too verbose... and have problems with defining

F> Andrew U. Frank
F> Professor, Head of Department

i helped Professor? wow! :)

Best regards,
 Bulat                            mailto:bulatz at HotPOP.com

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