[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: Lambda Shell 0.1

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Tue Dec 20 23:56:08 EST 2005

> Fellow Haskellers,
> I am pleased to announce the first alpha release of Lambda Shell, a shell 
> environment for evaluating terms of the pure, untyped lambda calculus.

I've written a lambdabot plugin for lambda shell, it's running in
#haskell right now.

    15:43  Cale:: @where lambdashell
    15:43  lambdabot:: darcs get http://www.eecs.tufts.edu/~rdocki01/lambda/
    15:43  Cale:: @lam fac four
    15:43  lambdabot:: \f. \x. f (f (f (f (f (f (f (f (f (f (f (f (f (f 
                                (f (f (f (f (f (f (f (f ( f (f x)))))))))))))))))))))))
    15:43  Cale:: @lam fac S
    15:43  lambdabot:: \f. \g. \x. x (g x)
    15:49  Cale:: @lam fst (pair three four)
    15:49  lambdabot:: three
    15:49  Cale:: @lam snd (pair three four)
    15:49  lambdabot:: four


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