[Haskell] Announcing hmp3 0.3

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Wed Dec 14 21:38:19 EST 2005

A new version of hmp3 has been released, hopefully the last stable
release for a while. Pretty much all features are done now. This release
features, in particular, improved portability:

    * a simpler curses binding, requiring only basic XSI curses
    * thus runs on older OSs (Irix and Solaris at least)
    * b/w terminals should be handled properly
    * more state is stored persistently.
    * the binary size has shrunk

Available as a cabalised src tarball, a darcs repo, and binaries for (currently):
    * Linux/x86
    * FreeBSD/x86
    * OpenBSD/x86
    * OS X/ppc
    * Irix/mips64



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