[Haskell] WxHaskell

Martijn Schrage martijn at cs.uu.nl
Wed Dec 14 08:39:49 EST 2005

Arjan van IJzendoorn wrote:
>> Here the question:
>> Is there some workaround to make WxHaskell running with my sistem 
>> (GHC 6.4.1) or I should downgrade to GHC 6.4?
> I think there are two options:
> 1) downgrade to GHC 6.4
> 2) build wxHaskell yourself for GHC 6.4.1
If you're using Windows (which seems to be the case, looking at the file 
paths in your posting), there's a third option:

3) Download the precompiled binary I built for Windows and GHC 6.4.1 from



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