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Daan Leijen daan at cs.uu.nl
Mon Aug 29 23:13:36 EDT 2005

Brian Smith wrote:
> I heard that there is some combinator-based Haskell parser that also is 
> equivalent to GHC's Happy-based one, and is within 10% of its 
> performance. I had thought that I read that GHC might even start using 
> it. Does anybody know if the combinator-based one is available?

This work has been done Arthur Baars -- he actually replaced the ghc
parser by his combinator parser and build Ghc + standard libraries
with it which took 10% longer than using the Happy parser. You should
probably contact him to get more information. One interesting thing is
that the combinator parser can use syntax macros and thus extend the
syntax of Haskell at compile time in a type-safe way.

All the best,
-- Daan Leijen.

ps. When you check out Arthur's webpage, be sure to read the
"Typing dynamic typing" article -- it is a great paper!

> Thanks,
> Brian
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