[Haskell] ANNOUNCEMENT: HAskell Server Pages version 0.3.0

Lemmih lemmih at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 21:43:09 EDT 2005

== HAskell Server Pages ==

HASP is an experimental framework for combining the flexibility of
Haskell with the popularity/necessity of web-pages.

HASP offers you an embedded XML syntax, without you having to dispense
with any of the Glasgow Haskell extensions we hold dear. By using the
FastCGI library, HASP has obtained Independence of server type while
keeping performance at a max.
HASP supports dynamic loading of Haskell code, sessions, persistent
values of arbitrary types, POST data and file uploads, and thus
provides a sound foundation for the creation of high level programming
models for writing dynamic web-pages.

A few features have yet to see the light of day:
Session storage should be at the users discretion, and supported
reconfiguration of HASP at run-time are possible improvements.
While HASP isn't in it self a high level programming model for
designing dynamic web-pages, it does provide a sound foundation for
the creation of such.

HASP: darcs get http://scannedinavian.org/~lemmih/hsp
FastCgi: http://fastcgi.com/

I would appreciate any feedback.


PS: I owe great thanks to Niklas Broberg for his excellent work on
HSP. In truth, the idea of combining XML and Haskell I have through
him, and I also adapted much of his code.

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