[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: ghc-src version 0.2.0

Lemmih lemmih at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 04:56:46 EDT 2005

On 8/24/05, Krasimir Angelov <kr.angelov at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2005/8/24, John Meacham <john at repetae.net>:
> > ooh. neat. any chance it could be extended to preserve haddock comments
> > and attach them to the right places? I thought it would be really cool
> > if compilers could use the haddock documentation when printing out error
> > messages and be able to query documentation as well as type info from
> > inside the interpreter.
> >        John
> I think that it could be more useful to preserve all comments. Haddock
> can filter out only the haddock style comments but there are tools
> that use another style of comments.

I can't really imagine what the AST would look like if it should
support comments in arbitrary places.


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