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                      FSEN05 Call for Participation
IPM International Workshop on Foundations of Software Engineering
                           (FSEN 2005)
               1-3 October 2005, Tehran, Iran.

                  In Cooperation with ACM/SigSoft
(FSEN05 is different from the ACM Symposium on Foundations of Software

Registration deadline:
August 26, 2005 (in the case a visa application by IPM is required)
September 15, 2005 (in other cases) 
(For more information check the workshop homepage.)

FSEN 2005 is an international workshop organized by the Institute for
Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM) in Iran

Accepted papers are available at workshop homepage.

Keynote Speakers

   Gul Agha - University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, USA
   Joost Kok - Leiden University, Netherlands
   Carolyn Talcott - SRI International, USA


"Connector Circuits for Coordinated Component Composition"
Farhad Arbab
CWI, Amsterdam and Leiden University, Netherlands

"Algebra and Coalgebra of Streams, Automata and Circuits"
Jan Rutten
CWI and VUA, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"A Calculus for Component-Oriented Programming"
Marcello Bonsangue
CWI, Amsterdam and Leiden University, Netherlands

Workshop goals

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers and
practitioners working on different aspects of formal methods in software
engineering. The specific goal is to facilitate transfer of experience,
adaptation of methods, and where possible, collaboration between
different groups.  The topics may cover any aspect in formal methods,
especially those related to advancing the application of formal methods
in software industry and promoting their integration with practical
engineering techniques.

Topics of interest

The topics of this workshop include, but are not restricted to, the

* Models of programs and systems
* Software specification, validation and verification
* Software architectures and their description languages
* Object and multi-agent systems
* Coordination and feature interaction
* Integration of formal and informal methods
* Integration of different formal methods
* Component-based development
* Service-oriented development
* Model checking and theorem proving
* Software and hardware verification
* CASE tools and tool integration
* Application to industrial cases

Workshop Chair

    Ali Movaghar
        Sharif University of Technology, Iran
        IPM, Iran

PC Chairs

    Farhad Arbab
        CWI, Netherlands
        Leiden University, Netherlands
        University of Waterloo, Canada

    Marjan Sirjani
        Tehran University, Iran
        IPM, Iran

Local Organization Chair
    Marjan Sirjani
        Tehran University, Iran
        IPM, Iran

Program committee

    * Farhad Arbab - CWI, Netherlands;  Leiden University, Netherlands;
University of Waterloo, Canada
    * Mohammad Ardeshir - Sharif University of Technology, Iran
    * Christel Baier - University of Bonn, Germany
    * Frank de Boer - CWI, Netherlands; Leiden University, Netherlands
    * Marcello Bonsangue - Leiden University, Netherlands
    * Franck van Breugel - York University, Canada
    * James C. Browne - University of Texas at Austin, USA
    * Michael Butler - University of Southampton, UK
    * Marsha Chechik - University of Toronto, Canada
    * Dennis Dams - Bell Labs, USA
    * Nancy Day - University of Waterloo, Canada
    * Maurizio Gabbrielli - University of Bologna, Italy
    * Yuri Gurevich - Microsoft Research, USA
    * Joost Kok  - Leiden University, Netherlands
    * Marta Kwiatkawska, University of Birmingham, UK
    * Mohammad Reza Meybodi - AmirKabir University of Technology, Iran
    * Seyyed Hassan Mirian - Sharif University of Technology, Iran
    * Ugo Montanari - University of Pisa, Italy
    * Ali Movaghar - Sharif University of Technology, Iran; IPM, Iran
    * Andrea Omicini - University of Bologna, Italy
    * George Papadopoulos - University of Cyprus, Cyprus
    * Willem-Paul de Roever - University of Kiel, Germany
    * Jan Rutten - CWI, Netherlands; Vrije University Amsterdam, Netherlands
    * Sandeep Shukla- Virginia Tech, USA
    * Marjan Sirjani - Tehran University, Iran; IPM, Iran
    * Alan Wassyng - McMaster University, Canada

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