[Haskell] PHI ¿ Python Haskell Interface

Isaac Jones ijones at syntaxpolice.org
Sun Aug 21 02:35:36 EDT 2005

"Gottfried F. Zojer" <goenzoy at web.de> writes:

> Hello,
> Is anybody aware about the development status of 
> PHI  Python Haskell Interface
> Any time when I want to access I get a timeout
> http://page-208.caltech.edu/phi/
> Any feedback welcomed 

I don't know anything about PHI, but there's a tool called missingpy
that might do what you want:


What is MissingPy?

It's two things:

1. A Haskell binding for many C and Python libraries for tasks such as
   data compression, databases, etc.  This can be found in the
   MissingPy module tree.

2. A low-level Haskell binding to the Python interpreter to
   enable development of hybrid applications that use both
   environments.  This can be found in the Python module tree.  The
   Haskell bindings above use this environment.

MissingPy permits you to call Python code from Haskell.  It does NOT
permit you to call Haskell code from Python.



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