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         Ninth Italian Conference on
      Theoretical Computer Science (ICTCS'05)

       Certosa di Pontignano (Siena), Italy
            October 12 - 14, 2005


              Call for Participation

The Ninth Italian Conference on Theoretical Computer
Science will take place at the Certosa di Pontignano
(Siena), Italy.

There will be three invited speakers:

Luca Cardelli (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Giuseppe Castagna (LIENS - École Normale Supérieure, Paris,
Nicola Santoro (School of Computer Science,
                 Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada)

Program Committee:
Michele Bugliesi (Venezia),
Mario Coppo (Torino, Co-Chair),
Pierluigi Crescenzi (Firenze),
Giulia Galbiati (Pavia)
Luisa Gargano (Salerno),
Giorgio Ghelli  (Pisa),
Roberto Grossi (Pisa),
Benedetto Intrigila  (L'Aquila),
Nicola Leone   (Cosenza),
Elena Lodi (Siena, Co-Chair),
Flaminia Luccio (Trieste),
Andrea Masini  (Verona),
Giancarlo Mauri (Milano),
Corrado Priami  (Trento),
Geppino Pucci (Padova),
Davide Sangiorgi (Bologna).

Preliminary program:
Wednesday, October 12:
08,45 - 09,00 Welcome
09,00 - 10,00 L. Cardelli: Biological System as Reactive Systems
10,00 - 11,00 B. DasGupta, S. Ferrarini, U. Gopalakrishnan,
               N. Paryani:
                 Inapproximability Results for the Lateral
                 Gene Transfer Problem
               S. Mantaci, A. Restivo, G. Rosone, M. Sciortino:
                 A new combinatorial approach to sequence comparison
11,00 - 11,20 coffee break
11,20 - 13,20 M. Bartoletti, P. Degano, G. L. Ferrari:
                 Checking Risky Events is Enough for Local Policy
               B. Aziz, D. Gray, G. Hamilton:
                 A Static Analsis of PKI-Based Systems
               R. Medel, A. Campagnoni, E. Bonelli:
                 A Typed Assembly Language for Non-interference
               L. Bettini, V. Bono, S. Likavec:
                 Safe Object Composition in the Presence of Subtyping

13,20 - 15,00 Lunch
15,00 - 17,00 L. A. Hemaspaandra, J. Rothe, A. Saxena:
                 Enforcing and Defying Associativity, Commutativity,
                 Totality, and Strong Noninvertibility for One-Way
                 Functions in Complexity Theory
               J. Fiala, J. Kratochvil:
                 On the computational complexity of the
                 L(2,1)-labeling problem for regular graphs
               B. Escoffier, J. Monnot, V. T. Paschos:
                 Weighted coloring: further complexity and
                 approximability results
               V. Raman, S. Saurabh, S. Sikdar:
                 Improved Exact Exponential Algorithms for Vertex
                 Bipartization and Other Problems
17,00 - 17,20 coffee break
17,20 - 19,20 S. van Bakel, U. de' Liguoro:
                 Subtyping Object and Recursive Types Logically
               J. Schwinghammer:
                 A Typed Semantics of Higher Order Store and Subtyping
               W. Jamroga, J. Dix:
                 Model Checking Strategic Abilities of Agents under
                 Incomplete Information
               S. Heymans, D. Van Nieuwenborgh, D. Vermeir:
                 Synthesis from Temporal Specifications using Preferred
                 Answer Set Programming
20,00 -       Dinner

Thursday, October 13:
09,00 - 10,00 N. Santoro: Mobile Agents Computing: Security Issues
                 and Algorithmic Solutions
10,00 - 11,00 T. Kuboyama, K. Shin, T. Miyahara, H. Yasuda:
                 A Theoretical Analysis of Alignment and Edit Problems
                 for Trees
               L. Anderegg, M. Cieliebak, G. Prencipe:
                 Efficient Algorithms for Detecting Regular Point
11,00 - 11,20 coffee break
11,20 - 13,20 R. Statman:
                 Two Variables are Not Enough
               S. van Bakel, S. Lengrand, P. Lescanne:
                 The language X: Circuits, Computations and Classical
               C. Bertolissi:
                 The Graph Rewriting Calculus: confluence and
               N. Busi, G. Zavattaro:
                 Reachability Analysis in Boxed Ambients
13,20 - 15,00 Lunch
15,15 - 17,15 G. De Marco, M. Pellegrini, G. Sburlati:
                 Faster Deterministic Wakeup in Multiple Access
               M-C. Costa, F. Jarray, C. Picoleau:
                 Reconstructing an alternate periodical binary matrix
                 from its orthogonal projections
               S. Fung, F. Chin, C. K. Poon:
                 Laxity helps in broadcast scheduling
               Y. Asahiro, E. Miyano, S. Shimoirisa:
                 Pickup and Delivery for Moving Objects on Broken Lines
17,30 - Excursion to Siena
18,00 - 20,00 EATCS Italian Chapter Annual Meeting (at the
                 Dipartimento di Scienze Matematiche e Informatiche
                 "R. Magari"
20,30 -       Social dinner

Friday, October 14:
09,00 - 10,00 G. Castagna: Semantic Subtyping: challenges,
                 perspectives and open problems
10,00 - 11,00 G. Castagna, D. Colazzo, A. Frish:
                 Error Mining for Regular Expressions Patterns
               M. Macchetti, M. Caironi, L. Breveglieri, A. Cherubini:
                 A Complete Formulation of Generalized Affine
11,00 - 11,30 coffee break
11,30 - 13,00 T. Kopelowitz, E. Porat:
                 Improved Algorithms for Polynomial Time-Decay and
                 Time-Decay with Additive error
               S. Fenner, Y. Zhan:
                 Quantum Algorithms for a Set of Group Theoretic
               G. Franco:
                 A polymerase based algorithm for SAT

13,00 - 13,20 End of the Conference
13,20         Lunch


Register online until September 10 and receive an early
registration discount.
The registration form is available at

Further informations are available at the conference web pages or
can be obtained writing to ictcs05 at unisi.it

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