[Haskell] cabal feature request

Benjamin Franksen benjamin.franksen at bessy.de
Thu Apr 21 20:31:57 EDT 2005

I finally succeeded using cabal for a project that uses hsc2hs. My problem 
was/is I need to give special options to hsc2hs, for instance a different 
template header file to use. Cabal doesn't support this at the moment.

I propose to give the user a bit more flexibility with regard to 
preprocessors, i.e. add some more tags to the .cabal file, like

hsc2hs-options, cpp-options, ...

I made the necessary changes for hsc2hs-options in a few minutes (thanks to 
the nicely structured cabal libraries :).

Another question: Is there a proposal how to (better) support test executables 
for a library package? (I remember that this topic has been discussed but 
can't remember any conclusion).


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