[Haskell] pretty printing Haskell code with auto parens?

Conal Elliott conal at conal.net
Wed Apr 13 13:02:51 EDT 2005

Never mind.  I rolled my own.  If you need a HsExp parens inserter, just
holler.  - Conal
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No reply yet.
Alternatively, does anyone happen to have a HsExp->HsExp (for
Language.Haskell.Syntax) pass that inserts disambiguating parentheses as
needed, to be applied just before pretty-printing?
- Conal
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What pretty printers are available for Haskell code (not necessarily
complete) that handle automatic insertion of minimally required
parentheses?  I assumed that Language.Haskell.Pretty did that, but
apparently it relies on manual insertion of parentheses in the abstract
Thanks,  - Conal
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