[Haskell] [ANNOUNCE] First release of Haste (Haskell TurboEdit), an IDE for Haskell

David Waern davve at dtek.chalmers.se
Sun Apr 10 11:13:36 EDT 2005

Hi there!
We are a group of students at Chalmers University of Technology who are
developing an IDE for Haskell called Haste (short for Haskell TurboEdit) as
our third-year project. 

We have made the first release of the IDE available. If you are using
Windows, you can simply get it by downloading a binary version from our
homepage. If you are using some other OS, you must compile the source, which
you can also find if you go to our homepage. 

The address is: http://haste.dyndns.org:8080

Note that this is an early pre-alpha build, so there are lots of things that
still need to be fixed and added. Also, the IDE has so far only been 
tested on Windows and Linux.
Details of the implementation:

For the GUI, we are using wxHaskell. For the editor component, we have ported 
and integrated the wxStyledTextCtrl from wxWidgets into wxHaskell. It might
be included in the next release of wxHaskell if Daan Leijen has enough time.

If you want to help:

We would relly appreciate if anyone is interested in contributing to this
project. However, since it is a school project we have to be careful about 
how we let other people contribute. If you want to help us, you must work on 
your _own_, somewhat isolated component in the editor so that it is clear what
we have done and what you have done on the project. Other than that, there are
no problems with contributing. If you are interested, just contact us and we 
will supply you with a Subversion account.

  David Waern

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