[Haskell] 10th Est. Winter School in Comp. Sci., 1st call for partic.

Tarmo Uustalu tarmo at cs.ioc.ee
Sat Sep 25 12:12:31 EDT 2004

[Lecturers: Danvy, Mehlhorn, Miltersen, Morrisett, Pinkas.
Place/time: Palmse, Estonia, 27 Feb-4 March 2005.
Deadline for registration and submission of abstracts for student
talks/posters: ** 14 Jan 2005 **.]

                       Call for Participation

           10th Estonian Winter School in Computer Science 

              Palmse, Estonia, 27 February-4 March 2005


Background and objectives

EWSCS is a series of regional-scope international winter schools held
annually in Estonia. EWSCS are organized by CIDEC, a joint initiative
of Institute of Cybernetics (Tallinn), Tallinn University of Technology
and University of Tartu for the advancement of higher education in
computer science and information technology. EWSCS'05 is the tenth
event of the series.

The main objective of EWSCS is to expose Estonian, Baltic, and Nordic
graduate students in computer science (but also interested students
from elsewhere) to frontline research topics usually not covered
within the regular curricula. The subject of the schools is general
computer science, with a bias towards theory, this comprising both
algorithms, complexity and models of computation, incl. cryptography,
and semantics, logic and programming theory. The working language of
the schools is English.


The schools' scientific programme consists of short courses by
renowned specialists and a student session. The course list for
EWSCS'05 is the following:

Olivier Danvy (University of Aarhus, Denmark:
      A Vade Mecum to Continuations

Kurt Mehlhorn (MPI Saarbrücken, Germany):
      Implementing Algorithms

Peter Bro Miltersen (University of Aarhus, Denmark:
      Universal Methods for Derandomization

Greg Morrisett (Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA):
      Topics in Language-Based Security

Benny Pinkas (HP Labs, Haifa, Israel):
      Privacy-Preserving Data Mining

The purpose of the student session is to give students an opportunity
to present their work (typically, thesis work) and get
feedback. Registrants are invited to propose short talks (20 min) or
posters. The selection will be based on abstracts of 150-400 words.

The social programme consists of an excursion and a conference dinner.


Palmse is a small settlement 80 kms to the east from Tallinn in the
county of Lääne-Viru. It is renowned for a large manor that used to
belong to the von Pahlen family, today hosting the visitors' center of
the Lahemaa National Park, a museum, and a hotel.

Tallinn, Estonia's capital, is famous for its picturesque medieval Old
Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are direct flights to
Tallinn from London, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt,
Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, Moscow, Kiev, Copenhagen,
Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Vilnius, Riga, ferries from
Stockholm and Helsinki. From Vilnius, Riga, the Eurolines coach
service is the practical travel option.

Registration and cost

The deadline for registration and submission of abstracts is
14 January 2005. All registrants will be notified of
acceptance to school and acceptance of their talks/posters by
28 January 2005. The participation fee 4000 EEK (260 EUR)
includes course materials, full boarding at Palmse, transportation
from Tallinn to Palmse, excursion and conference dinner. For some
students, we can partially waive the fee.

Programme committee / organizing committee

Tarmo Uustalu (IoC) (chair), Monika Perkmann (IoC) (secretary), Helger
Lipmaa (Helsinki U. of Techn.), Peeter Laud (U. of Tartu), Jaan Penjam
(IoC), Heli Uibo (U. of Tartu), Jüri Vain (Tallinn U. of Techn.),
Varmo Vene (U. of Tartu)


Centers of Excellence in Research Programme of Ministry of Education
and Research of Estonia, FP5 IST project eVikings II

Further information

Details on the submission of abstracts, registration procedure and
cost, application for fee waiver are available from the school
webpage, http://www.cs.ioc.ee/yik/schools/win2005/. Questions should
be sent to ewscs05 at cs.ioc.ee.

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