[Haskell] Haskell in industry?

Andre Santos alms at cin.ufpe.br
Tue Sep 14 18:16:31 EDT 2004


Heribert.Schuetz.extern at HVB.de wrote:
> *	Can Haskell code be integrated with .NET, in case the department
> should decide to base more of its software on this platform? (I have found
> Sigbjorn Finne's integration of Hugs with .NET, but I would prefer the
> native-code compilation of GHC. I remember rumors about such a project years
> ago when Simon PJ went to Microsoft, but didn't find anything recent about
> this on the Web. I found notes about the GHC/.NET integration in the
> Mondrian project, but that appears to be unmaintained. Correct me if I am
> wrong.)

we have a project with the objective of doing such a .NET
implementation for GHC, supported by MS in this
years' Rotor Request for Proposals.

The previous efforts indeed are not
being maitained, from what I know.
I know the projects you mentioned,
and also the ILX code generator
developed by Don Syme at MS, that was also
in GHC's codebase.

So far we have looked into the existing
research/implementations of functional
languages/Haskell for JVM and .NET and done some
small prototypes, to evaluate
possible implementation strategies.
We are therefore still in the early stages
of development.



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