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Bonjour à tous


Voici une annonce pour un grand congrès de logique qui sera organisé au printemps 2005 en Suisse. Il existe des possibilités d'obtenir des bourses pour participer à ce congrès à travers l'AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie), mais il faut se dépêcher car la limite pour déposer les dossiers est le 15 septembre prochain. Vous trouverez tous les détails sur le site du congrès.



1st World Congress and School on Universal Logic (UNILOG 2005) http://www.uni-log.org <http://www.uni-log.org/>  

Montreux - Switzerland, School :  March 26-30 ; Congress : March 31 - April 3, 2005 


This event will focus on: 


1) Techniques that can be used for a general theory of logics (Labelled deductive systems, Kripke structures, Logical matrices, etc.) ; 


2) Studies  of classes of logics (Substructural logics, Non monotonic logics, Paraconsistent logics, etc.) 


3) Scope of validity and domain of application of fundamental theorems of logic (Completeness, Deduction, Cut-elimination, etc.)


4) Philosophical considerations about the nature of logic and the universality of some logical laws or axioms 


The school is intended for advanced students and young researchers. There will be about 20 tutorials on many subjetcs: combination of logics, multiple conclusion logic, combinatory logic, logics and games,  abstract model theory, logic as language vs. logic as calculus,  category theory for logics, etc.


Invited speakers of the congress will include A.Avron, D.Batens, J.Corcoran, M.Dunn, D.Gabbay, R.Jansana, A.Koslow, V.de Paiva, K.Segerberg.


Contributed papers for the congress can be submitted before October 30, 2004. 


More information on the website:  http://www.uni-log.org <http://www.uni-log.org/> 








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