[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: buddha version 1.2 released

Bernard James POPE bjpop at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Fri May 28 04:23:41 EDT 2004

Announcing buddha version 1.2 


New in this release:

   - a completely new transformation algorithm 
   - colour output 
   - "dot" graphs of the call-graph and of values (shows sharing)
     (i.e. pretty pictures)
   - improved call-graph browsing 
   - the command line is based on readline which provides nice
     editing facilities
   - a new build system using autoconf and automake which makes it
     much easier to package 
   - C pre-processor support
   - an "observe" command that can show you all the calls to a
     given function or constant
   - the interface is more configurable than before
   - a debian package

Support for the 5.x series of GHC has been dropped.

Sadly there is still no support for hierarchical modules (sorry).


Buddha is a declarative debugger for Haskell 98. It is based on program
transformation and works with GHC 6.x.

Buddha offers a declarative debugging algorithm and a browsing mechanism.
It is useful for finding logical errors in programs and for exploring 
computations in a high-level manner.

The interface is designed to be simple to use, and may be an ideal aid
for teaching Haskell.

Version 1.2 is known to work on GNU/linux/x86, GNU/linux/alpha, 
Darwin, FreeBSD, solaris/x86.

It does not (as far as I know) work on Windows.

Buddha is released under the GPL license.


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