[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: HaskellDB 0.7

Bjorn Bringert d00bring at dtek.chalmers.se
Wed Mar 31 22:23:23 EST 2004

We are pleased to announce the third alpha release of our "remake" of
HaskellDB, version 0.7.

HaskellDB is available for download from http://haskelldb.sourceforge.net/

HaskellDB is a Haskell library for expressing database queries and
operations in a type safe and declarative way. HaskellDB compiles a
relational algebra-like syntax into SQL, submits the operations to the
database for processing, and returns the results as ordinary Haskell

The original version of HaskellDB was written by Daan Leijen and is
available at http://www.haskell.org/haskellDB/. The implementation is
based on his paper which can be found at:

New in HaskellDB 0.7:

- Added functions for creating and dropping tables and databases.
  Too be improved in future releases.
- Support for wxHaskell with GHC.
- Untyped support for SQLite, thanks to a patch from Jeremy Shaw.
- Overloaded (!) can be used for both (!) and (!.).
- Compiling for Hugs does not require GHC.
- Added function for converting from nullable types. Suggested by Shae
- Added case construct.
- A GenericConnect is now available. Uses similar syntax to DBDirect.
- Backend interface changed to make function types backend independent.
- Queries now return records instead of backend specific types.

NOTE: Due to changes in DbDirect, any files generated using the old
version of HaskellDB may have to be regenerated.

The developers can be reached at haskelldb-users at lists.sourceforge.net or
on #haskelldb at irc.freenode.net.

/ The HaskellDB development team

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