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Graham Klyne GK at ninebynine.org
Tue Mar 16 11:55:01 EST 2004

I came across something like this, let's see if I can find it...

More of the Haskell hierarchical libraries, including imprecise exceptions 
and unboxed arrays, giving greater compatibility with GHC. For now, 
compatibility with the old libraries is provided by stub modules, but users 
are encouraged to migrate to the new libraries.
-- http://cvs.haskell.org/Hugs/pages/latest.htm
-- http://cvs.haskell.org/Hugs/pages/users_guide/miscellaneous.html#AEN1727

This one's less obvious, but as I recall, it's the 'oldlib' entry here that 
gets you the old (non-hierarchical) library modules back:

     Set search path for source files to str, which should be a list of 
directories separated by colons (semicolons on Windows, DOS or Macs). A 
null entry in this list will be replaced by the previous search path; a 
null str means the default path. Any occurrences of {Hugs} in this string 
will be replaced by the Hugs library directory. Similarly, {Home} is 
expanded to your home directory. An entry of the form "directory/*" means 
all the immediate subdirectories of directory. The default value is


     The interpreter won't let you change the search path if that would 
prevent it from reading the Prelude.
-- http://cvs.haskell.org/Hugs/pages/users_guide/options.html#OPTIONS-LIST


At 08:03 16/03/04 +0000, Stenio wrote:
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>I was using Hugs November 2002 and the function fromInt works fine, but in 
>the version November 2003 the same function doesn´t work. The same happens 
>with the functions ord and chr. But in this case I find the solution, chr 
>and ord are in the module Char in version November 2003 so I have to do : 
>import Char in my Haskell script.
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