[Haskell] HaXml and XML Schema

Johan Jeuring johanj at cs.uu.nl
Wed Mar 10 09:48:21 EST 2004

> I have started thinking about an extension of
> HaXml to better support XML Schema, i.e., to
> generate appropriate types (like DtdToHaskell)
> automatically (cf. Castor for Java).
> However, it is not obvious to me how to model
> mixed content (character data appears alongside
> subelements, i.e., it is not confined to the
> deepest subelement).

We have worked on a XML Schema Haskell data binding, see

Frank Atanassow, Dave Clarke, and Johan Jeuring. Scripting XML with 
Generic Haskell. In Proceedings of the 7th Brazilian Symposium on 
Programming Languages, SBLP 2003, 2003.

and for just the data binding

Frank Atanassow, Dave Clarke, and Johan Jeuring. UUXML: A 
Type-Preserving XML Schema Haskell Data Binding.

Both are available from my homepage:


The modelling of ,ixed content is rather intricate, I'm afraid.

-- Johan

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