[Haskell] modern language design, stone age tools

MR K P SCHUPKE k.schupke at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Jun 23 05:55:58 EDT 2004

This may not be the right answer to the question (which is of
course lets write a debugger) - But I have never used a debugger,
and find them more or less the most unfriendly and useless things

You either end up single stepping through a million lines of code,
or you find the error is of a complex non-localised kind anyway.

I find inserting my own debug code into an application to be a much
more fruitful way of keeping track of errors. Using conditional 
compiliation all this extra code can be removed from a finished 

The only problem with this approach in Haskell is that you sometimes
have to lift a function into the IO monad for debugging...


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