[Haskell] Garbage Collection & Memory Management Summer School

Richard Jones R.E.Jones at kent.ac.uk
Tue Jun 22 06:23:35 EDT 2004

Please excuse this spam-style mailing. I've also attached a poster in the hope 
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Richard Jones

		Garbage Collection & Memory Management
			    Summer School
		    20-21 July 2004, Canterbury, UK

The performance of today's memory-hungry applications depends on
efficient dynamic memory management, whether managed explicitly through
new/delete or automatically by a garbage collector. With the increasing
use of managed code, whether Java Virtual Machines or Microsoft's
Common Language Runtime, the economic importance of automatic memory
management has never been greater.

The Summer Schoool provides participants with an opportunity to hear
leading practitioners from both industry and universities. The school
is directed at postgraduate research students, academics who wish to
get involved in this field and industrial researchers and developers
who want to apply state of the art memory management techniques to real
problems. The presenters include 

	David Bacon (IBM TJ Watson Research Center), 
	Emery Berger (U. Massachusetts), 
	Hans Boehm (HP), 
	Dave Detlefs (Sun Microsystems),
	Rick Hudson (Intel),
	Richard Jones (U. Kent, Canterbury),
	Eliot Moss (U. Massachusetts),
	Ryan Sciampacone (IBM Ottawa). 

The registration fee for the 2 day Summer School is 130 GBP (free of VAT) and 
includes all workshop materials, lunches and refreshments, and the Summer 
School  Dinner on 20th July. Bed and breakfast accommodation is also available 
in en-suite accommodation on campus at a rate of 30 GBP per night.

For more details, see
or mail school at mm-net.org.uk

The Summer School is organised by the UK Memory Management Network 
(http://www.mm-net.org.uk). We are grrateful for the kind support of
the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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