[Haskell] Annoying naming clashes

Stefan Holdermans sholderm at students.cs.uu.nl
Thu Jun 17 06:30:03 EDT 2004


  BY> it is nice to use 'maybe', 'either' functions. However, with 
  BY> data types with more than 2 constructors, using such function 
  BY> tends to be tedious than pattern match, where, you can pick 
  BY> specific constructors of interest.
  BY> And in order to use pattern match, I have to expose my
  BY> constructors.

Well, you've just identified the well-known trade-off between abstraction
and induction. A language extension involving 'views' [4, 1, 3] has been
proposed [2] to deal with this issue.



[1] Warren Burton and Robert Cameron. Pattern matching with abstract data
types. Journal of Functional Programming, 3(2):171-190, 1993.

[2] Warren Burton, Erik Meijer, Patrick Sansom, Simon Thompson, and Philip
Wadler. Views: An extension to Haskell pattern matching, 1996.

[3] Chris Okasaki. Views for Standard ML, 1998. 1998 ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on

[4] Philip Wadler. Views: A way for pattern matching to cohabit with data
abstraction. In Steve Munchnik, editor, Proceedings of the 14th Symposium on
Principles of Programming Languages, pages 307-312. Association for
Computing Machinery, 1987.

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