[Haskell] Annoying naming clashes

Ben.Yu at combined.com Ben.Yu at combined.com
Mon Jun 14 11:06:30 EDT 2004

Then what will you do when naming operations in a class? Is it right that
care has to be taken in order not to conflict with other classes?

Say, I have a Person class where I want to define an operation "getName".
Is it wise to name it "getPersonName" instead?

I notice that FiniteMap always names operations and functions xxxFM,
although that looks ugly to me. Is that a general good thing to do when
naming operations?


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Ben.Yu at combined.com wrote:

>Hi, when writing haskell code. It is so annoying that name clashes keep
>I have to be careful about the data constructor names, about the class
>names, about the class member names.
>As a novice haskell programmer, I might be missing something here though.
>If somebody can kindly give me some instruction of how to work with names,
>appreicate it a lot!


Try using small modules and qualified names.

    module Illumination where
    data Illumination = Dark | Light

    module Weight where
    data Weight = Heavy | Light

    module UseBoth where
    import Illumination
    import Weight
    easyToCarry = (Illumination.Light, Weight.Light)


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