[Haskell] Idea for the Haskell Store

John Meacham john at repetae.net
Thu Jun 3 06:33:50 EDT 2004

On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 10:39:27PM +0100, Simon Peyton-Jones wrote:
> Good idea!   At least, good idea if anyone wants to organise it.  I'm
> optimistic that copyright issues could be worked out, but it needs an
> animating spirit to decide what should be available, line up POD
> services, decide pricing etc.  Any volunteers?

It apperas that cafepress.com, the company we currently use to sell
haskell t-shirts and mugs ( http://haskell.org/merchandise.html) also
does POD printing! 

the costs seem reasonable, we would probably be looking at roughly
$7-12 raw cost per book depending on pages and quality desired.
All that is needed is a pdf in one of several formats (letter, not sure
if they do A4) and a cover format and then you can just order it :)

perhaps whoever already maintains the haskell cafepress store can see
about setting up some books, perhaps the pj-lester book would be a good
start, since its TeX is nicely available for rerunning to create a pdf
in the appropriate size. If the current maintainer isn't interested, I
can go ahead and set up a shop for the books myself, or be given access
to the main cafepress account. (whatever is easier).  

I think, once we have the basics down, i.e. we can order the pj-lester
book (or some other suitable starting book) and get a copy, we can start
the more involved work of putting together paper anthologies and hunting
down copyright holders of obsure out of print works and begging them to
let us make the works available.  :)

John Meacham - ⑆repetae.net⑆john⑈ 

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