[Haskell] Invitation to write book reviews

S.J.Thompson S.J.Thompson at kent.ac.uk
Fri Jul 30 05:12:16 EDT 2004

The journal of functional programming publishes reviews of books on
functional programming an related subjects. A list of currently available
titles is always at


and currently it lists

  Inductive Synthesis of Functional Programs
  Ute Schmid

  Verification of Reactive Systems: Formal Methods and Algorithms
  Klaus Schneider

  Duration Calculus: A Formal Approach to Real-Time Systems
  Zhou Chaochen, Michael R. Hansen

  Concepts, Techniques and Models of Computer Programming
  Peter van Roy and Seif Haridi

  Programming Languages and Operational Semantics
  Maribel Fernandez

  The Haskell Road to Logic, Maths and Programming
  Kees Doets and Jan van Eijck

If you are interested in reviewing any of these titles, or if you would
like to suggest any other books for review, please mail me. If you are
interested, but not sure what writing a review involves, there are review
guidelines at



Simon Thompson

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