[Haskell] SCP Special Issue on Foundations of Aspect-Oriented Programming

Ralf Laemmel Ralf.Laemmel at cwi.nl
Tue Jul 13 16:00:47 EDT 2004

[ Functional programming
has contributed to the foundations of AOP
over the last few years.
For instance, see Walker's and Wand's contributions at ICFP 2003. ]

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Special Issue on
Foundations of Aspect-Oriented Programming

Science of Computer Programming

Guest Editors: Pascal Fradet and Ralf Lämmel

Call for contributions

Modularity concepts support the separation of concerns, and hence they
are crucial for mastering the complexity of software. In recent years,
the modularity concept of aspects has been introduced. Aspects
facilitate the modularisation of crosscutting concerns. The
corresponding paradigm, aspect-oriented programming (AOP), is part of
a larger effort -- Aspect-Oriented Software Development
(AOSD). Clearly, AOP and AOSD have attracted a great deal of interest:
various AOP tools are being developed and AOP is now successfully used
in real-world applications. However, a widely shared criticism of AOP
is that it still lacks firm foundations. For instance, the untamed
form of AOP that we see today is often criticised for defeating
encapsulation and preventing local reasoning. Likewise, the
interference of multiple aspects is considered an unacceptable risk of
current AOP techniques.

This special issue is dedicated to the foundations of aspect-oriented
programming including formal methods, tools, languages and
calculi. The special issue goes along with the successful series of
FOAL workshops (Foundations of Aspect Oriented Languages), but
submission to the special issue is completely open. The special issue
will be published in the journal Science of Computer Programming,
which implies excellent visibility and high quality standards. The
guest editors solicit high-quality contributions that address the
foundations of AOP, and that improve the state of the art of
developing, understanding, controlling and reasoning about
aspect-oriented programs. Work on modularity concepts other than
aspects is also solicited provided that such work is clearly related
to AOP. For instance, fundamental contributions to reflection are
likely to be relevant for the foundations of AOP.

Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    * Reasoning about aspect-oriented programs.
    * Semantics of aspects and weaving.
    * Formal aspect languages or calculi.
    * Formal properties of aspects, advice, and join-point models.
    * Type systems for aspect-oriented languages.
    * Verification and static analysis of aspect-oriented programs.
    * Theory of aspect composition and aspect interactions.
    * Aspect-oriented programming pearls. 

Deadline for submissions:       *1 February 2005*
Author's notification:          1 June 2005 
Special issue's publication: 	Winter 2005/2006 
Special issue's web site: 	http://www.cs.vu.nl/faop-scp/

The submissions should be sent in PDF or Postscript to the guest
editors via email: Pascal.Fradet at inria.fr,
Ralf.Laemmel at cwi.nl. Authors who want to discuss potential submissions
are encouraged to contact the guest editors. For details about the
policy of the Science of Computer Programming journal, and the
requirements for prospective authors see a recent issue of the journal
and check the journal's web site

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