[Haskell] hugs-package under Cygwin

Graham Klyne GK at ninebynine.org
Fri Jan 30 17:39:55 EST 2004

At 16:02 30/01/04 +0100, Sven Panne wrote:
>Graham Klyne wrote:
>>[...] /cygdrive/j/exchange/GK/hugs98-20040109 contains the Hugs source 
>>kit, and /cygdrive/c/DEV/Hugs98 is my Hugs install directory.
>>graham at RINCEWIND /cygdrive/j/exchange/GK/hugs98-20040109/src/unix
>>$ ./hugs-package.in /cygdrive/c/DEV/Haskell/lib/HaXml-1.10/src 
>>@FindCmd@: not found
>>@SortCmd@: not found
>>mv: C:/dev/cygwin/tmp/cvs.1420.2: No such file or directory
>>./hugs-package.in: cannot open C:/dev/cygwin/tmp/cvs.1420.1: no such file
>foo.in files are files mangled by configure to foo, substituting things for
>the platform in question, i.e. you never execute them directly. Your
>/cygdrive/c/DEV/Hugs98 directory tree should contain a suitable hugs-package.

Ah, thanks.

I looks as if this may be something that doesn't make its way into the 
Windows version of Hugs.  (I'm not very conversant with Cygwin, and use it 
mainly as a last resort if I need to run some Unix utility, so I'm not 
running a Cygwin-based installation of Hugs.)

Is there a version of this script anywhere that can be run under Windows 
(with or without Cygwin)?


Graham Klyne
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