[Haskell] Re: Compiling HXML toolbox under Hugs/Windows

Graham Klyne GK at ninebynine.org
Wed Jan 28 11:56:10 EST 2004

Still struggling;  please see question about MD5 at end...

At 14:46 21/01/04 +0100, Uwe Schmidt wrote:
>Graham Klyne wrote:
> > So the requirement for inter-process communication here is to run an
> > external program and receive any data that it may return?
>exactly, the one and only reason

I think I have a solution for this.

> > HTTP access is not my immediate concern.  I'll go back to the test harness
> > that I'm trying to build, and seen if I can excise this feature for the
> > moment -- it's the XML parser I'm after.  I think it would be helpful if
> > these elements of the toolkit could be clearly separated.
>yes, we should separate the protocol handlers from the XmlInput.hs module.
>but this is not a complete solution for your problem, you still need to
>introduce some kind of condtional compilation for inclusion or exclusion
>of the none portable stuff for http access.

I've think figured a batch file to preprocess the source files.  But I 
think the real need here is for some kind of portable HTTP access library.

>uwe schmidt
>p.s. why not ghci instead of hugs?

Well, further to my previous response, it appears that there's a problem 
with GHC as well...  The XmlInput module imports a module called MD5, and 
uses a maethod 'digest' from that module.  I cannot find a copy of that 
module either in the HXML toolbox distribution, or in the GHC 
distribution.  I did find this in the GHC 6.2 release notes:

The MD5 library in the util package has been removed. We'll include a 
replacement in the hierarchical libraries if someone would like to send us one!

Is your software tested under GHC 6.2?


Graham Klyne
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