[Haskell] More on HXML toolbox with Hugs/Windows: matchRegex

Graham Klyne gk at ninebynine.org
Mon Jan 26 18:29:45 EST 2004

I think I've managed to create a version of POpen to go with Hugs under 
Windows.  (It all compiles/links, but I haven't yet got a stand-alone test 
case for it).

So now I'm pushing ahead with trying to get the HXML toolbox running under 
Hugs/Windows, and I've hit a snag with the Regex library.

The oldlibs version of Regex apparently exports a function matchRegex, but 
the Text.Regex module which it calls upon to supply that function does not 
appear to define it.  The problem can be seen by trying to load module 
Network.URI that is supplied with Hugs (2003 edition).

Any pointers, please?


Graham Klyne
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