Getting lhs2tex working under Win32 (was Re: ANNOUNCE: lhs2tex-1.9)

Andres Loeh andres at
Sat Jan 24 23:55:20 EST 2004

> Thanks for producing such a wonderful and useful tool!

Nice to hear that you find it useful. Thank you very much for sharing
your results.

> I am pleased to report that I managed to get lhs2TeX working on Win32, 
> by modifying just a single byte in the source code.  

> 1.  In the lhs2TeX sources, change line 42 of FileNameUtils.lhs from:
>       > environmentSeparators         =  ";:"
>     to:
>       > environmentSeparators         =  ";"
>     and do another "make install".

Yes, that's a good fix for Windows. Actually, I copied this code
from Generic-Haskell, and simplified it because I only needed it for
Unix and did not have time to test it under Windows anyway.

For the next release, I will try to merge the full Generic-Haskell
library, which defines "environmentSeparators" and a few other
functions in several "OSSpecific.hs" files, one of which can,
depending on architecture, be included by lhs2TeX.

> Instead, I propose that it would be very valuable if there were some 
> standardized, portable library that Haskell programs like lhs2TeX could 
> use for locating files that should be installed with the program.

I agree on all that. I even think that there probably are several
projects that have done most of that already, and that it would just
be necessary to collect some source code and streamline the interface.
I like the Python interface, BTW. It seems simple and pragmatic

Thanks again.


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