Hugs/GHC incompatibility

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at
Wed Jan 21 23:43:26 EST 2004

Am Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2004 23:03 schrieb Iavor S. Diatchki:
> hi,
> not that it matters, but i think commonly when specifications say that
> something is undefined, that means that the behaviour can be whatever, i.e.
> the implementors can do what they like.  this is not to be confused with the
> entity "undefined" defined in the Prelude.

Hmm, I didn't think of this interpretation.  If this is the right one, then 
maybe it should be made more clear that the sentence in the array 
documentation doesn't mean Prelude.undefined.

In addition, I would like as little undefinedness as possible, i.e., different 
implementations behaving as similar as possible.  So I'd be happy if the 
handling of duplicate indices was defined by the library specification.

> -iavor


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