Any versions of Fudgets working with GHC-6?

Alastair Reid alastair at
Wed Jan 21 22:20:20 EST 2004

> Fudgets does not yet compile with GHC 6.2, however, since _casm_ (which
> very conveniently allowed you to include C code fragments in your
> Haskell code) is no longer supported. [...] Is there a
> convenient way to do things like this without _casm_?

Depending on how many casms you have, you could do it with plain old ffi code 
as demonstrated throughout the Prelude and standard library code used by GHC 
and Hugs.  I'd use this if there's just a few casms because you don't need 
any external tools.

If there's a lot of casms, you could use an FFI preprocessor like Greencard.  

Alastair Reid

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