Compiling HXML toolbox under Hugs/Windows

Uwe Schmidt uwe at
Wed Jan 21 14:46:53 EST 2004

Graham Klyne wrote:

> So the requirement for inter-process communication here is to run an
> external program and receive any data that it may return?

exactly, the one and only reason

> HTTP access is not my immediate concern.  I'll go back to the test harness
> that I'm trying to build, and seen if I can excise this feature for the
> moment -- it's the XML parser I'm after.  I think it would be helpful if
> these elements of the toolkit could be clearly separated.

yes, we should separate the protocol handlers from the XmlInput.hs module.

but this is not a complete solution for your problem, you still need to 
introduce some kind of condtional compilation for inclusion or exclusion
of the none portable stuff for http access. 

uwe schmidt

p.s. why not ghci instead of hugs?


University of Applied Sciences, Wedel, Germany

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