COORDINATION2004: First Call for Participation

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	                           COORDINATION 2004

		              Call for Participation

       Sixth International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages

			24-27 February 2004
			    Pisa, Italy


Scope of the Conference

  The need for increasing programming productivity and rapid development 
  of complex systems provides the pragmatic motivation for the development 
  of coordination/orchestration languages and models. The intellectual 
  excitement associated with such endeavours is rooted in the decades-old 
  desire to leverage off increasingly higher levels of abstractions. 
  Coordination-based methods provide a clean separation between individual 
  software components and their interactions within their overall software 
  organisation. Coordination is relevant in design, development, 
  debugging, maintenance, and reuse of all complex concurrent and 
  distributed systems. Specifically, coordination becomes paramount in the 
  context of open systems, systems with mobile entities, and dynamically 
  re-configurable evolving systems. Moreover, coordination models and 
  languages focus on such key issues in Component Based Software 
  Engineering as specification, interaction, and dynamic compositions.
  More recently, market trends brought on by the commercialisation of the 
  World Wide Web, have fuelled a new level of interest in 
  coordination-based approaches in industry. Applications like BizTalk, 
  standards like the web services' WS-* family, and contending 
  coordination standards like BEPL4WS and WSCI, are all examples of this 
  phenomenon. This interest is opening up new opportunities both to apply 
  coordination-based techniques to a broad class of applications as well 
  as to grapple with potentially new kinds of requirements coming from 
  internet-scale scenarios.

  The conference provides a forum for the discussion of fundamental principles
  and important innovations in the definition of coordination models and 

The preliminary program of the conference can be found at


Conference Location
  The Sixth International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages
  will be held in Pisa, Italy, at Dipartimento di Informatica,
  Via F. Buonarroti 2 (sala Gerace).

  Further information about the conference location may be found at the URL:


Conference Accommodation and Registration
  Information about accommodation (reserving rooms in hotels specially booked
  for COORDINATION 2004 attendees) and registration for COORDINATION 2004 
  and the affiliated workshop (WS-FM 2004) is available at


Program co-chairs
  Rocco De Nicola (Univ. Firenze)
  Greg Meredith (Microsoft)

Organising Chair
  Gianluigi Ferrari (Univ. Pisa)

Program Committee:
  Roberto Amadio, Univ. Marseilles - France
  Farhad Arbab, CWI - The Netherlands
  Marcelo Bonsangue, Leiden University - The Netherlands
  Paolo Ciancarini, Univ. Bologna - Italy
  Gianluigi Ferrari, Univ. Pisa - Italy
  José Fiadeiro, Univ. Leicester - United Kingdom
  Chris Hankin, Imperial College - United Kingdom
  Jean-Marie Jacquet, Univ. Namur - Belgium
  Antonia Lopes, Univ. of Lisbon - Portugual
  Jeff Magee, Imperial College - United Kingdom
  George Papadopoulos, Univ. Cyprus - Cyprus
  Gian Pietro Picco, Politecnico di Milano - Italy
  Rosario Pugliese, Univ. Firenze - Italy
  Gruia-Catalin Roman, Washington University, St. Louis - USA
  Ant Rowstrom, Microsoft Cambridge - United Kingdom
  Vijay Saraswat, IBM Research - USA
  Carolin Talcott, SRI - USA
  Robert Tolksdorf, Free University of Berlin - Germany
  Herbert Wiklicky, Imperial College - United Kingdom
  Alan Wood, Univ. York - United Kingdom
  Franco Zambonelli, Univ. Modena - Italy

Organising Committee 
  Andrea Bracciali, Univ. Pisa - Italy
  Roberto Bruni, Univ. Pisa - Italy
  Antonio Cisternino, Univ. Pisa - Italy
  Dan Hirsch, Univ. Pisa - Italy
  Laura Semini, Univ. Pisa - Italy
  Emilio Tuosto, Univ. Pisa - Italy

Further Information

  - COORDINATION2004 Web site:
  - For questions:  coordination2004 at

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